Karimu village, Sarayan city, South Khorasan, Iran.

GA-SVM is a program for the feature selection by using the genetic algorithm based on the SVM classifier.

  Darwin claimed that him ancestors were monkey and the primary cell of world were created as the random. Figure shows one of the Darwin's ancestors.

   There are too many reports that the primary cell of world were not created as the random. This primary cell created by a creator (God). Also, this creator created a intelligent man and woman that they were different from the early humans. Then, my ancestors were not monkey.

  However, the genetic algorithm is a good search and evolutionary algorithm in our works, but it is not able to convert the monkey to the intelligent human 

Modified rddata.m
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This file is the modified program of the rddata.m.

BCFD is a program to calculate the Fractal Dimension by Box Counting method for a time series.
HFD is a program to calculate the Fractal Dimension by Higuchi method for a time series.
KFD is a program to calculate the Fractal Dimension by Katz method for a time series.

DFA is a program for the Detrended Fluctuation Analysis of a time series.

LE is a program to calculate the Lyapunov exponents of a time series.

CD is a program to calculate the Correlation Dimension of a time series.

SDs program calculate the SD features of the Poincaré map of a time series. The provided figure shows these features in a Poincaré map.


MF is program to calculate the Median Frequency.


ESN program simulate a Echo State Network. The program uses the following reference. 

[1] Q. Song and Z. Feng, "Effects of connectivity structure of complex echo state network on its prediction performance for nonlinear time series", Journal of Neurocomputing. 73 (2010) 2177–2185.

RQA is a program to calculate Auto-Recurrence Plot of a time series

PQA is a program for the Auto-Recurrence quantification analysis. This program need to the program of Auto-Recurrence Plot.

BC program is Bayes N-classes classifier.

SFS-SVM is a program for the sequential feature selection based on the SVM classifier.